Ideas To Hide Unsightly Electrical Wires In Your Home

Electrical wires often take over our properties. Technology obliges! Have you thought about hiding these tricks, so they don’t ruin your beautiful decor?

1— Make Art Out Of It

One of our suggestions is to use the thread(s) to make it a decorative element. The idea is to create a silhouette or shape on the wall by attaching them with several invisible fasteners.

2— Hidden In The Wall

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can completely hide the wires in the walls. For example, for a wall-mounted TV, drill a hole to pass the cables behind the partition and bring them out lower next to the electrical outlet. The furniture will hide the two holes.

3— Behind A Plinth

Some baseboards are designed to accommodate speed bump wiring. It is therefore practical to use the available space to hide unsightly cables.

4— The Cable Duct

Discreet and trendy, the cable cover looks like an art deco object placed on the ground. It surprisingly contains a lot of space. Easy decluttering done in style.

5— With Natural Rope

Natural materials are in vogue in today’s decor. Take the opportunity to wrap a natural-looking rope around the cluster of electrical conductors. Thus, they become decorative accessories. If you prefer, the rope can be colored.

6— Behind A Beam

The best way to hide cables on the ceiling is to pass them through a structural or decorative beam. Those of solid wood is very trendy. In addition to bringing warmth to the room, this wooden beam will be practical!

Advice For Protecting Your Outdoor Electrical Cables

If you plan to protect your exterior electrical cables, remember not to neglect the aesthetics of your installation. A well-designed installation will allow you to hide the cables as well as possible.Once the holes have been made, you can, for example, use mortar or silicone to conceal the holes made. This will give your wall a smooth effect as if it has never been drilled or bled. In addition, this will provide additional protection to your installation, against dust or small insects, for example.